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Welcome to my personal web space #RBOD on Tim’s WWW…
(Rishi Babbar’s Official Domain)

Hello everyone! Just like you I am a lost soul of the supreme eternal power, trying to return to the timeless, matter-less and space-less realm of
reality, peace and bliss.

Strange introduction, right …?

Well… this is the true identity of all of us…!
Most humans on this planet, when asked about their identification may say their worldly alphabetical language names, speak about their so called ‘status’ in the society, country, race, religion, caste, blah blah…. !
But these are mere masks worn by individuals forgetting their true identity in nature. Because all world’s a stage and we’re actors playing our part, so none of those characteristics are true.

Speaking of the mask that I wear in this world, I am Rishi Babbar from Mumbai, India . Professionally, an ex University Lecturer who’s now trying to become a writer, filmmaker, singer, actor & musician. Basically, an all-round movie lover who has envisioned some super-fantastic ideas to share with fellow souls. View my elaborated profile at LinkedIN : https://www.linkedin.com/in/rishibabbar/

Lastly, I would like to add that my site is still under construction and soon publish the final version. Till then please have a look at my blog #RBOWL…..
Visit again…..


Rishi Babbar